Mateusz Pastula
Architectural Design

About Me

About Me

            I have always been influenced by architecture. My family members work either in construction or in other fields that involve designing, so beginning early, architecture stood out as a path for me. I have graduated and received my Bachelors Degree in Architecture from Parsons, The New School for Design.

            I spent time at construction sites as a child, constantly offering my help; I found all the constructing and de-constructing fascinating. I have an ongoing passion for art and design as well. I would always be the child drawing with a pencil or building shapes out of blocks.  As a teenager, I continued to be engaged in many creative activities such as photography, drawing and videography, while at the same time pursing outdoor activities such as soccer, hiking and surfing.

            For the past years, I worked in construction during the summer, finding that this work influenced my passion for architecture even more. I had grown since experiencing construction as a child. Now I began to realize that architecture is more than putting blocks together, that it involves the creation of a complex structure that is carefully designed. In fact, I realized architecture is a perfect combination of creativity and constriction. As a perfectionist, I can spend many hours on a model or drawings to make them as precise and accurate as possible: that is construction. My creativity comes through in my design choices.

            My ambition is to take what I have learned so far in architecture at Parsons and pursue learning in a new environment, growing my knowledge and skills even more. I am very determined when it comes to my work, and look forward to finding the opportunity to express my strengths and abilities. I’ve been diligent about putting all my effort into my classes. As I study architecture, I have been able to strengthen my ability to solve problems, and have improved my skills with computers programs such as Adobe’s Master Collection, Rhinoceros, AutoCAD and the basics of Revit, ArchiCAD and Sketchup.

            One of my favorite architects, Frank Lloyd Wright, said, “Every great architect is—necessarily— a great poet. He must be a great original interpreter of his time, his day, and his age.” Architecture is a lifestyle. As architects, we wake up and go to bed reflecting on our projects. Architects impact the way people live their lives. In architecture, we play a role in modern society that affects the way an individual moves through space in a particular time. Every little detail has rationality behind it. We can bend the rules and work with gravity; as architects we can capture the experience in time and recreate it in our design. Architects learn something new every day, figuring out how things are assembled and deconstructed. If it weren’t for architects, we would be living in a place without reason or context. There wouldn’t be any legacies to look up to. Every building has its own significance that leaves a message from the past.

            My goal in architecture is to create solutions that will solve our society’s problems all around the world. My ambition is to contribute to society and make the world a better place for humans to live.